How to Get Your Music Onto iTunes & Spotify Digital Distribution Guidelines

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How to Get Your Music Onto iTunes & Spotify and buy plays on Spotify (if you need it, of corse) Hey this is Ryan from the ReverbNation support team. I'm here with some advice to help you successfully submit your music for digital distribution. Most digital music stores like iTunes have strict requirements for what they will and won't accept from digital releases.


But, if you follow these guidelines your release will be available for your fans in no time. In this article I'll cover basic information about rights ownership, size, quality and content of cover art, and featured performer attribution.

What a first?

First, you must own 100% of the rights to any music or content you submit for digital distribution. If your submission contains covers or works by other artists you have to get all required licenses before submitting the music.

If the song you submit contains a sample any song regardless of the length of the sample, you have to provide documentation of your right to use the sample. You must also own the rights to any logos or trademarks that you use on your album artwork. So, your cover art needs to be a perfect square ideally 1500 by 1500 pixels if you're cover art dimensions are smaller than 1000 by 1000 pixels you will automatically be prompted to apply a border to the image during the submission process which may result in some of your cover art being hidden. You must also use a high-quality clear image for your artwork. If your album cover is too blurry or pixelated it will be rejected.

Your artwork also cannot include any images of drugs, nudity, or extreme violence. The only text you can display on your artwork is your album title, any special guests, artist name, and record label. This text must match the release details you provide. Don't include web sites for logos on your cover art.

Another common mistake is to list contributing artists in your song titles. You want to make sure you list all contributing members such as featured artists, producers, or other contributors in the song details section not in the title song. If you follow these guidelines your new album should be live and available to your fans in just a short while. If you have additional questions feel free to contact us at or visit and review the digital distribution section of our FAQ page.

Good luck with your new release.

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