What Is Sync Licensing (PART 2)

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Beyond that, the setting, the outfits, the characters, that's what sort of informs the genre, and the tempo, and the vibe of the track. – [Narrator] Cool! – [Matt] I look for music everywhere. I'm all over social networks, I'm always asking my friends, checking out Spotify playlists. I can talk and break down all this stuff, but there's a lot of magic involved with music supervision. – [Narrator] Okay, so what happens when you find the right song? – [Matt] The very first thing I have to figure out is whether or not I can actually license it. – [Narrator] Here's the deal with licensing.


Every sync has two sides. The master for the sound recording, and the publishing for the underlying composition. – [Alan] And both need to be licensed for a sync to happen. – [Darren] Usually. [Alan] Usually. – [Narrator] Keep in mind that the rights owners for these sides will depend on whether you're with a label, signed to a publisher, both, or neither. – [Sadie] A label usually owns the master, but say you're an artist that uses an aggregator, then you likely own your rights and so you'll negotiate the deal yourself. For the underlying composition, if you're signed to a publisher then they'll need to grant permission on your behalf. But if you're flying solo, then you'll need to negotiate yourself. – [Alan] There can be a lot of players in the mix, like co-writers and composers, so always establish your master and publishing splits up front. – [Matt] And when it comes to samples in general, I would recommend not using them. It's just going to make things more complicated.


If you have to sample something, maybe sample your friends instead of sampling Kanye. – [Narrator] Got it. So how can you maximize your chances of getting a sync deal? – [Matt] Get your music out there. Get it with sync agents, get it with music supervisors. You want to be persistent but not annoying, and that is a fine line. Make sure you're contactable, make sure you're messageable. Put your email address up where the music is. Look, at the end of the day, just make great music. – [Narrator] Oh, yeah.

You mean just be awesome? (upbeat music returns) – [Sadie] No pressure. (chuckles) Okay, once a music supervisor does find you, you want to make sure that the deal actually works for you. – [Darren] You don't want your music supporting or promoting a product, for instance, that you don't believe in. – [Matt] Because no matter how good the money might be, the right match is better than just any match. – [Narrator] Right on! Now put yourself out there, get in people's ears, and never stop hustling for your next opportunity.Later!



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