What Is Sync Licensing

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What Is Sync Licensing? (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Okay, so you're booking gigs, getting streamed, and selling merch. But that's not the only way to make some cash. If you really want things to pop off, you should know about something called "sync licensing." – [Darren] Are you ready? – [Narrator] Yeah. – [Darren] Are you ready? – [Alan] No. – [Narrator] Here's Darren from our legal department. – [Darren] Hi. – [Narrator] And Alan. – [Alan] Hello. – [Narrator] From our licensing team at Spotify. – [Darren] Sync licensing is a multimillion dollar industry. – [Narrator] Actually Darren, it's a billion dollar industry. – [Darren] I take it back, okay. – [Alan] A well-placed sync for an artist can launch your entire career. – [Narrator] Nick Murphy, formerly known as Chet Faker, knows a thing or two about that. – [Nick] I mean I was like 23, 24 and I had a song synced on the Super Bowl and where do you go from that? – [Narrator] Uh, triple platinum status? – [Nick] Okay, sign me up! (chuckles) – [Narrator] Okay, hold up.



Maybe we should take it back 

What is sync licensing? – [Darren] Sync licensing can be pretty complex, but in its simplest terms it's permission to use your music in a movie, TV show, video game, commercial, basically any time that your music will be synced in time relation to a visual medium. Synced in time relation to a visual medium. – [Alan] I almost fell asleep halfway through that sentence. – [Narrator] Alright, so how much money we talking? – [Alan] You can pull in hundreds, even thousand of dollars depending on where your song is used whether it's in the opening credits or a trailer or some other crucial scene. – [Narrator] And a really good sync can become iconic. – [Sadie] Oh, I love "The Breakfast Club," that, what's that song, oh my god what's that song called? – [Narrator] Ooo, got it, "Don't You Forget About Me." – [Sadie] Yes, at the end of the movie, it just like makes that movie. – [Narrator] That's Sadie. – [Sadie] Hi! – [Narrator] She's the rights clearance manager here at Spotify.

So who brings it all together? – [Sadie] That's usually the music supervisor. They are the ones with the eye and the ear to make the perfect match. – [Narrator] Here's Matt FX, music sup for Broad City and the Detroiters, to tell us how he does it. – [Matt] When I'm looking to make a good match, first and foremost I'm looking at the emotional core of a scene.

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