What Is Sync Licensing

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  What Is Sync Licensing? (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Okay, so you're booking gigs, getting streamed, and selling merch. But that's not the only way to make some cash. If you really want things to pop off, you should know about something called "sync licensing." – [Darren] Are you ready? – [Narrator] Yeah. – [Darren] • Read More »

How Royalties Work

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How Royalties Work (money counting machine whir) – [Narrator] You've got a million reasons for making music: passion, self-expression, creativity, and, yeah, makin' money's part of it too, right? Okay, let's talk royalties. – Royalties, yes. – That's how you get paid. – Make it rain. – Yeah. – [Narrator] This is Darren, – Hi. • Read More »