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Hey guys, it's musicbyLukas, and I hope you're having a fantastic Saturday. Now look, I know it's the weekend and you're ready to go make some fire beats, so I'll make this quick. Today I'm going to be talking about how you can get more real plays on Soundcloud.

Now before you break my heart and say you can just buy plays, just remember those plays are fake. "SAY WHAAAA?!" So let's talk about real strategies to get real plays.


One, form partnerships 

A partnership is where two channels get together and say hey, I like your music. Hey, I like your music too Lets repost each other and help each other out. Partnerships have two major Advantages They're almost always free and they'll help you in the long run. Partnerships are a basic agreement in most cases It doesn't even require a contract Now not all potential partners are perfect, so here are some examples of bad partners.

They post too many tracks, their tracks aren't quality tracks, they're hard to get a hold of, or don't respond for a long period of time. If you can make three partnerships a week that means in 90 days, Partners ready to repost your next track. Two, use email blasts.

All the biggest brands still understand the importance of gathering people's emails. Now We've all gotten a million emails from Spinnin' and they, along with a lot of other brands, still understand how important email blasts are. Not everybody has an Instagram, or Twitter, or whatever, but everyone has an email.

So next time when you set up a free download gate for one of your tracks, have one of the requirements be for people to input their email. Three, Focus on your packaging, and when I say packaging I mean the way your soundcloud looks. Does your Soundcloud look "lit emoji" or not, that is the question. Let me explain why this is important. Getting partnerships, professional channels want to work with other professionals. Standing out, so find a unique logo and banner, and extra points if you can make your profile have an overall theme.

Getting more plays, if your track looks exciting people will be excited to click on it. So if you focus on those three things, you will start to see your Soundcloud plays dramatically improve. So I hope you guys like today's video and remember it's all about Teamwork.

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