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In this video, I’m gonna show you guys, how to make ringtone for iPhone without iTunes. Welcome back to AppleFrendly. Today, we will use GarageBand for making a ringtone for iPhone.

It’s a free app by Apple and you can find the download links, down in the description below. So, download the app and launch it.


Now, go to the top right corner and tap on this little PLUS symbol. Now make sure you’re on the TRACKS section and select AUDIO RECORDER. Now, on the top left corner, tap on these 3 broken lines. Tap on this symbol to avoid tick-tick sound in final Ringtone. Now, tap on this PLUS symbol on the top right corner. And now, change this value to 30.

You can either scroll or tap on it to change the value. Now tap on this circular loop button. Here, select MUSIC.

If you can’t find this MUSIC option

If you can’t find this MUSIC option, checkout the different tutorial in the cards which will show you how to make ringtone without this MUSIC option. And now, here, you can select any category to choose your song. I’m gonna select SONGS option. Now, please understand that, if you’re using Apple Music, this method will not work. You need to have a song added from iTunes or purchased from iTunes Store. If you want add songs using iTunes, checkout the separate tutorial in the cards or in the description below. And if you already have a song on your iPhone, select it.

Let’s select SONG 01 

So, Tap & hold it, and drag it over the empty area in GarageBand. Now, you need to edit this song as per your preference. You can use handles at the end to select your favourite part of the song and change the song length. Also, you can tap on the song to reveal more editing options. So, once you’re done editing the song, hit this inverted triangle button on the top left corner, And select MY SONGS.

Now, here is the ringtone that we’ve just created. Now, go to the top right corner and tap on this SELECT option, And select your ringtone file. Now tap on the SHARE SHEET button on the bottom left corner. And here, select RINGTONE. And now tap here and rename you ringtone.

Select USE SOUND AS. and hit STANDARD RINGTONE. Your ringtone is set. Now, let’s head over to SETTINGS and check our new ringtone. Select SOUNDS & HAPTICS. and select RINGTONE.

And, here is our new ringtone. So, that’s how you can make as many ringtones & text tones as you want.


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