How Royalties Work

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How Royalties Work (money counting machine whir) – [Narrator] You've got a million reasons for making music: passion, self-expression, creativity, and, yeah, makin' money's part of it too, right? Okay, let's talk royalties. – Royalties, yes. – That's how you get paid. – Make it rain. – Yeah. – [Narrator] This is Darren, – Hi. • Read More »

Spotify – Premium vs. Free

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Premium vs. Free – [Narrator] Good things tend to come in pairs. Like this. Or this. Here at Spotify, we got premium and free. Both offer different features for different kinds of users, and both generate royalties in unique ways. Let's kick it over to Preston. He's an expert in all the tools we make • Read More »

Streaming battle

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Hi, I'm Tony van Veen CEO of Disc Makers. We're doing a little construction here but I wanted to get another video out for you. I've been thinking a lot about streaming and I've come to the unfortunate conclusion that streaming rates for artists are not going to increase any time in the near future.

Real plays on Soundcloud

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Hey guys, it's musicbyLukas, and I hope you're having a fantastic Saturday. Now look, I know it's the weekend and you're ready to go make some fire beats, so I'll make this quick. Today I'm going to be talking about how you can get more real plays on Soundcloud. Now before you break my heart • Read More »

Online MUSIC

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In this video, I’m gonna show you guys, how to make ringtone for iPhone without iTunes. Welcome back to AppleFrendly. Today, we will use GarageBand for making a ringtone for iPhone. It’s a free app by Apple and you can find the download links, down in the description below. So, download the app and launch • Read More »